3 Ways moms can earn extra $$!!!!

3 Ways moms can earn extra $$!!!!!!

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Let’s face it Millennial Moms, having extra money is always a plus. Especially when raising children, one can expect “unexpected” financial problems. I make it a habit to save regularly. In order for me to save more money, I have developed new methods to earn income. Below, I have listed 3 ways I earn extra cash in my spare time! These “side hustles” are a stress-free way to earn extra dough. Most of all, these “side hustles” are legitimate and time conscientious.

Drive with Lyft

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Lyft is a ride share app that can be downloaded on any smart phone. The sign up requirements are as follows:  valid driver’s license, car insurance and a vehicle. You can earn money the same day you sign-up, certain exceptions may apply. Best of all, Lyft has an express pay feature that allows you to cash out every time you earn $50. That’s right ladies, cold hard cash is deposited straight into your checking account within minutes.  Even better, Lyft works in conjunction with your schedule. You actually set your own hours. Lyft also sends out detailed emails periodically to help maximize your earnings potential. After you give your first 50 rides within a specified time frame, you earn a bonus. I typically drive for Lyft on the weekends and during tourism season.  So, are you ready to Drive with Lyft? If so, use my referral code below:


Selling old clothes on Poshmark

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I love love loooooveee Poshmark. Poshmark is app that you can download onto your smartphone.  Sell all of outdated clothing, accessories and shoes within minutes. Best of all, this app organizes all of your merchandise into an online closet. How cool is that? Buyers are able to easily navigate your listings with a breeze. Each time a sale is completed, you pay a small commission to posh mark and pocket the rest.  Can somebody say chi-chang $.  If you are looking of trendy clothing to compliment your style visit the link to my closet below!

Install free app now!

Rent home on AirBnB

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I recently renovated my entire townhome in order to feature my property on Airbnb. This app can be downloaded on your smart phone as well. Airbnb is app that allows people to rent out rooms or their entire home. Once your listing is registered to the site, guest can browse your humble abode and pick dates to book.

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