Betamore: It’s a Lifestyle!

To The Good Life…Cheers!

As I enter the last phase of Betamore’s Front End Development Course, I find myself riddled with excitement and joy. The quantitative skill set I acquired while matriculating at this academy is truly unmatched.

I recently attended a Super Meet-Up hosted by Technically Baltimore. As I mixed and mingled with members of the Baltimore tech scene, I realized how noted Betamore is as a brand.

Betamore is more than a tech-based academic institution, it’s a lifestyle!

Local tech professionals show deference towards the name. Upon mentioning being a student at the academy, I would receive a wide-smile and a business card.  People took interest in what I had to say because of the name I represented.

During those small exchanges, I began to realize the magnitude of the institute that taught me how to code. I was truly honored to say “I am a Betamore student!” Betamore inspired me to look at life from a different vantage point. Nowadays, when I find myself surfing the web, I find myself identifying different structural elements of websites.

I know how to access the structural algorithm of a site. I know how to access web developer tools. These tools enable users to temporarily change site features. Betamore helped me conquer my fear of the command line. Prior to the course, I would enter a state of anxiety and fear if  a “black screen” prorogate onto my monitor.

After receiving several weeks of training under the instruction of a tech industry expert, I know how to create repositories, directories and basic files from the command line.  I am also proud to say, I know how to “push and pull” to GitHub. Trust me when I say, “its a big deal!” My background in computer science was very limited until I entered the illustrious doors of Betamore.

As I approach the end of my course studies, I look forward to the beginning of my journey into the tech world.  I am truly humbled by the dedication of the faculty and supporting staff. Whenever I asked for help, I received assistance.

I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to foster my skills at Betamore. I truly believe the skills I developed will  help me take my career to the next level. I am looking forward to my new “lifestyle!”

Sherri M. Pendleton

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