Tech Life Chose Me!

An Unconventional “Tech” Story…

My journey into the world of digital technology began 2 years ago when I created a blog for first time mother’s. As I began writing about my chronicles as a new mom, I found my new identity. As my personal articles began to generate a small following, I found the need to create a more attractive website. I wanted my users to have a more interactive experience.

As I attempted to update my site, I hit a road block when I accessed the structual algorythm of my site, I realized I needed a to learn a new skill. I needed to learn how to code. Becoming a computer programming was not in my immediate forecast, however I was ready to accept the challenge.

I began researching different tech based academic institutions in Maryland and before I knew it, I discovered BetamoreBetamore is a highly respected name in the Mid-Atlantic tech region. In May 2017, I enrolled in their 10-Week Front-End Development Course.

After attending the academy, I developed a new skill set that enable me to create unique features on my blog. My WordPress blog recently earned the attention of the 2017 PHP World Conference Organizing Committee. The committee granted me a full scholarship to the 2017 conference.

So far, “tech life” has opened many doors of opportunity. In fact, I feature highlights of my journey into tech on my blog, I also recently launched a digital technology start-up aim towards merging mother’s with technology. Ms. TechlennialMom, LLC offers Web Development services and “Mommy-n-Me” coding sessions.

I am excited about my future in the tech industry. I am happy to began a new career in a booming industry. For the past 8 years, I have been employed as a Social Insurance Specialist with the Social Security Administration. My experience with the federal government has been invaluable. The skills I have acquired will surely help me lay a solid foundation for my company.

Going tech has been the best decision I have made thus far. I am looking forward to a bright future. At times, I feel as though, I stumbled into “tech life.” I had no intentions of becoming an actual computer coder. However, it was time to learn a fresh skill set in order to improve my website.

The skills I acquired in coding school inspired me to launch a start-up company. During my matriculation at Betamore, I realized something: “tech is the new wave.” I am here to enjoy the ride. I am glad “tech life” chose me.

Sherri M. Pendleton


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