Tech and Celebs: Crypto Edition

Dennis Rodman Officially Endores Potcoin! Dirk Nowitzki Pays in Bitcoin! Akon Created Acoin! The list goes on…..

More influential people are embracing the world of crypto-currency. The legendary NBA star, Dennis Rodman, (aka “the worm”) made a guest appearance on the “The Tonight Show,” recently and promoted his Potcoin sponsored visit to North Korea in order to meet the country’s private leader, Kim Jong-Un.


Another NBA star, Dirk Nowitzki, actually uses Bitcoin to pay for personal training sessions. I am positive more high profile athletes use digital assets to pay for shit. However, I am pretty sure they want those transactions unknown to others.

The NBA’s Sacramento Kings are actually mining Ethereum in their arena. How cool is that? The owner of the Kings is an actually a tech entrepreneur and plans to use the profits from mining for scholarships for children in Sacramento.


As we look outside the world of the NBA and focus on other influential people in the “crypto-verse,” Akon is leading the pack. Acoin is the official coin endorsed and supported by Akon.

Rumors are even floating around regarding the conceptualization of a futruristic city centered around Acoin and other aspects of technology. Akon is an exceptional “Angel Man” and I am just in awe of how dedicated he is to empowering disenfrachised people.

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