Are you really the Farvah? (i.e. Baltimorean for Father)

If she say it’s your child, its your child!

when he ask for DNA from the kids..

Back in the day, before the legal entity of child support was established. Unmarried “soon-to-be mothers” had a superior advantage in terms of establishing the paternity of their unborn children. Back then, if a woman told a man: “you are the father of my child.” Boom, you became the father on the spot! Paternity was established “by word of mouth.” Hmmm go figure!

During the late 60’s and early 70’s women who had the “gift of gab” could get away with this crap. The United States of American developed a national child support system in the mid 70’s. A legal regulating body to ensure children received support from the absentee parents. However, I am starting to realize CSS really protects gullible and naive men.

Even with the establishment of CSS, a modern day seductress can make words flow from her enchanted lips like warm honey. Once they get in a Man’s ear, that’s it! It’s a wrap. The “craft” is very real (I personally don’t practice it, Jesus is alright with me). They know how to “chant” and “lure” men into performing every desire of their heart. They know how to put “voodoo shit” in spaghetti (some dude from college told me about this,lol).

In some cases, they can deceive men into taking care of children, that they he didn’t even conceive. Those “slick talkers” know how to lay down those smooth lines. “Oh baby you know I love you, I would never cheat on you, you know lil Xayden and lil Amir on the west coast are your sons. Both of them look just like you!”

That last line always makes me draw a pause and laugh. How many men have heard women tell them: “He is your son he looks just like you.” How can you determine the paternity of child by the way they look? Are you a cyclopes with “magical” x-ray vision so powerful that your eyes can decipher the genetic code encrypted in a child’s double helix genome at first glance? Are human beings really that powerful? Didn’t think so! However, you would be alarmed by the number of men who are lost in trance and consistently providing financial and emotional support for children who do not share their genetic code. Its all about CODE! Women lie, DNA don’t lie.

I find this phenom to be quite intriguing even in Today’s society. Despite all the medical advances in DNA research. There are men who don’t take advantage of their own rights in terms of paternity. Now on the flipside, some men are scared to get DNA testing on a child because if he find’s out that the genetic codes don’t match, he is going to look like “boo-boo” the fool. This type of revelation can drive a man crazy or commit a horrifying act. Traditional blood test can be misleading in terms of determining paternity. Blood test only prove that the antigens found on the surface of blood cells are a match. So essentially, you could have a compatible blood type with the child in question. However, that doesn’t prove that the child is your biological son or daughter.

The only “sure-fire” way of establishing paternity is by having the genomes found on the double helix crossed examined via a 4D DNA  analysis. This type of test is very expensive and 99.9% accurate. This explains why 4D test are widely used by Child Support entities through out the United States. Some men hate the idea of paying child support. However, on the bright side, you know that the child is 100% yours. It’s definitely “worth it” to pay child support, because you never know when you might need a bone marrow transfusion or something like that. The kids that you “play” daddy with are not going to be able to help you during a health crisis. Peroidt. Let me say it again, lil Xayden and lil Amir on the west coast, your fake/play/non-biological children are not going to be able help you because the dna will not match.

Never the less, if you find out that the child you have been providing for is not your biological child, you can sue the mother for paternity fraud. You can also have your name removed from the birth certificate. Lying to a man about being the father of your child is very pathetic and desperate. In fact, most woman do not pass the initial screening phase of the child support application process because they are too embarrassed to admit how many men they were sleeping with around the time of conception. You owe it to your child to find his “real” biological father.

Nowadays, so many people are in “open relationships,” a man would virtually be crazy to take a woman’s word regarding paternity. Even when you look at married couples, prime example Wendy Williams and her husband or ex husband or whatever. Her husband’s mistress popped up pregnant and he is taking a care of child that could potentially not be his biological child. Wendy spills every bite of tea, even if it’s regarding her personal life. Wendy had alot to say about the child and mistress, but she never questioned the paternity.

So if you are a married woman, and a random “garden tool” claims to be pregnant by your husband, keep your cool until those test results are in. If this “garden tool” is low enough to sleep with a married man, no telling who else she sleeping with. I guess that’s why I hit such a rough patch in my life, I didn’t get down with the hedonism crowd,lol. Garden tools tend to live good lifestyles, but the cost comes at a premium. I will take the rigid road of intergrity on any day. Somebodies else’s husband, can’t do a damn thing for me. A “garden tool” is going to be a “garden tool”. A dog is going to be a dog. “Sherri” going to be “Sherri!” Periodt.

Now on the flipside, if you are a married woman and you start acting like a special “garden tool,” and you pop up pregnant by some random dude or somebody else’s husband, then you are safe, well not all the safe, but you might be able to slide. Under the Lord Mansfield rule, any child born to a married couple is automatically assumed to be fathered by the husband.

Even if the husband is not the biological father, as long as he remains married to his wife, by law he has to take care of the child. However,  infidelity is grounds for divorce, but how many married men are going to ask their wives for a paternity test? It’s a “catch 22” situation. If I was married and my husband told me that he wants to have our child tested for paternity, I would divorce him or fight him like the last black samurai. He basically accussing me of dishonoring the family name and wedding vows. Sherri does not tolerate disrespect. When you take vows before God you have to be serious.

I admire any man who steps up to plate and takes care of child that they know they didn’t conceived. It’s a very honorable deed. However, when it comes down to the bloodlines and DNA. Those lil “play” kids are going to have to step to the side and find their real daddies. Blood is thicker than water.

Do you ever wonder, how many biological children are forced to bond with non-biological children as brothers and sisters? So many people are operating under false pretenses about building relationship with so called “other siblings” because one woman spoke one sentence: “this is your child.” Words are just words. Science is a proven theory, DNA not lie. Now, I see why there are so many broken families. So many broken men. Children being lied too. Then people wonder, “well why don’t the children get along?” “Why they act so different from each other?” It’s because they don’t share the same DNA. Nature vs. Nurture: you can raise/nurture a child that is not yours but they will always have the nature of their real father, a man that isn’t you!

Finally, just collect the child support and bounce, adios, no time for fake ones! **Isaiah 54:17**



Farvah Tee

Farvah Tee


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