“It’s COBOL not COBALT!”

Well let’s get one thing straight; Cobalt is a color, one of my favorite shades of blue by the way.

However, COBOL is a binary computer language better known as COmmon Business Oriented language. Binary languages are coded in sequences of 0’s and 1’s.

Unlike our more modern computer languages that incorporate different elements (letters, $, #,etc) in a coding sequence. COBOL is a very traditional computer language, meaning it incorporates alot of syntax.

COBOL resurrected during the height of the 2020 covid 19 outbreak. People became ill and we forced out of the workplace. This rush of displaced workers overwhelmed local unemployment computer systems because the need to file claims skyrocketed.

Many municipalities were left scrambling trying to update antiquated systems that used COBOL as their primary programming language. COBOL is a very resourceful language but its outdated.

The spike in unemployment claims jammed up systems that ran on COBOL. Because of this, local governments were forced overhaul their systems during the height of the unemployment crisis causing huge payment delays.

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