My Story

As a brand new mom, I am often asked how I feel about motherhood. Before I became a mom, I envisioned motherhood as a whimsical experience. In fact, my inexperienced mind developed a picture perfect image of Motherhood.  An angelic image of a woman draped in a grecian goddess dress gently cradling infant would pop into my mind. Yes, that was the image of motherhood for me. I honestly thought motherhood would be a glamorous experience. Nevertheless, reality finally settled into my psyche, I have now adopted a different vision of Motherhood. To describe it best, it’s the equivalent of being suspended from a Blackhawk helicopter into the middle of a nuclear warzone with only a slingshot. Yes, motherhood is a completely different ball game. At this point, I am convinced some of the pregnancy blogs I followed missed a couple of steps when it comes to being a mom. I must admit some of the knowledge I acquired about motherhood was useful. However, I had to be become very adaptive and responsive. I had to assume my new identity. I wasn’t prepared for all the personal sacrifices I had to endure, but I am pride to be a mother. Becoming a mother was the best thing that happened to me. I learned how to be more loving and caring. I became more bold tenacious and instinctive. I was able to build my confidence as a human being. Becoming a mother also revealed my true support system. I found my tribe. I thank God for the leadership of my dynamic mother. I eternally appreciate my family and friends that have supported me through this journey.

As I continued my journey as a new mom, I find myself becoming more empowered. As a mother, I have faced many obstacles and challenges that have improved my character. Motherhood has absolutely tested every fiber of my being. In fact, there were times I felt my  limits as a human being were being pushed.  However, I have learned that mother’s are natures Superhumans! I can truly attest to the fact that I am emotionally and physically stronger because of becoming a mother. I know that I am unstoppable. My goal is to encourage woman who share in this experience. Being a mom in the new millennium comes with a unique set of challenges. This website is designed to help new moms navigate the up’s and down’s of motherhood. All mothers should be unstoppable and dynamic. is your source for inspiration, motivation and support.