Hela Cells and Vaccinations

As mass vaccinations for the novel conrona virus continues to roll-out around the globe, many individuals are expressing a variety of opinions about the current trend. Yes, the topic of vaccination is heavily trending and causing quite the “political stir.” At this very moment, lawmakers and other political aficionados are preposing mandatory vaccinations for traveling, concert attendance and other activities of daily living. Some constituents and lawmakers are pushing forward on the agenda, some are pulling back. However, do you ever ponder how these advancements in scientific research are cultivated? How are they tested? What type of specimens are used in labs to bring forth this level of modern medical progress? How are vaccines made?

Hela Cells

Human cells are used in labs to cultivate specimens and create vaccinations. Historically, the practice of studying and sampling cells for medical research was quite difficult because traditional human cells had a tendency of dying within 48 hours of being outside of the body. All this changed when scientist discovered the Hela cell-line. Hela cells were named after Mrs. Henrietta Lacks, her cells not only lived beyond the traditional human cell threshold of 48 hours, but they actually started to multiply and replicate. This breakthrough in science has had a monumental impact in modern medicine. Mrs. Henrietta Lacks was no ordinary black woman, although this beautiful woman lived a very humble and meek lifestyle. Her personal contributions to the field of medicine are still relevant today. In fact, her immortal cell line is still being used to help with the creation of vaccinations that are currently being cultivated. Although Lacks passed away at the tender age of 31 on October 4, 1951 in Baltimore, MD; part of her is still here. She didn’t die she multiplied.

She eventually succumbed to cervical cancer while under the care of doctors at the world renowned Johns Hopkins Hospital. The specialist who provided her care took samples from her cervix after her demise and noticed that within weeks after her passing; her cancerous cells were still alive and multiplying. Upon the discovery of the first immortal cell-line, scientist used hela cells to cultivate the first Polio vaccine in the United States. Scientist still have not been able to identify all of the components that make-up the double helix strands of Mrs. Lacks DNA. Further more, some elements of her DNA are not found on the periodic table.

In fact, a few decades after her death, some of her cells where shuttled off to the International Space Station. When hela cells were studied in outer space, scientist reported that her cells performed at an “unusual capacity”, it was a phenom they never seen before. Her cells were highly active in outer space in terms of dividing and replicating. Quite as it’s kept, scientist discovered that part of her double helix genomes contained particles that were exclusively found in outer space. How many humans do you know that have celestial DNA?


Hela cells make up just one line of immortal cells. There are other immortal cell-lines that make up a whole family of special cell-lines. All immortal cell-lines are not derived from cancerous cells. Again, if you choose to vaccinate, you do not risk developing cancer from hela cells or other immortal cells, but you do assume other risk. These cells are used to test how human cells respond to vaccinations. The vaccines do not necessarily contain the physical DNA of the cells used to perfect them. But, then again, I am not a scientific expert. Although, I have studied microbiology and virology on a collegiate level. If you choose not to vaccinate then please adopt a safe alternative health regimen that will boost your immune system and increase cellular activity. My company offers personal protection equipment that protects your body internally and externally. Our PPE kits can be found exclusively at techmuva.com

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