To Be or Not to Be: Centralized CryptoCurrency

Well, the inevitable is approaching the crypto community, what are you going to do? Regulating cryptocurrency has been the talk of internet. Many wonder when will regulations actually take place and how will they impact the secretive world of cryptocurrency. Some "alt coins" (i.e. Ripple) have formed legal partnerships with many banks and corporate entities. [...]


ZhiyUN Smooth Q Stabilizer

Ms. Techlennialmom and her "Techlennial" baby enjoyed a day filled with good times and technology. The cinematography that gives life to our video was powered by the Zhiyun Smooth Q Stabilizer. Just slap a cell phone on the device and boom! You are filming like a hollywood pro! Make you next family trip a 5 [...]

Mobile Mining: iPhone vs. Android

Are you team iPhone or team Android? This "age-old" question of the new millennium has sparked many debates amongst the masses. Ultimately, both devices offer users cutting edge technology, but team Android has one up on team iPhone. Android devices function more like CPU's (central processing units), they have ability to run sophisticated programs and [...]

What is Bitcoin? Girl, what are you talking about?

Cyrptocurrency is the buzz of the internet. In fact, multiple media outlets stream live coverage on the latest crypto news.  Although, it was conceptualized  in 2007 and actually launched in 2009, by the "mysterious" Satoshi Nakamato (bitcoin founder), Cryptocurrency is now,  the hottest financial trend. The two key elements that power the technology that gives life [...]

Tech Life Chose Me!

An Unconventional "Tech" Story... My journey into the world of digital technology began 2 years ago when I created a blog for first time mother's. As I began writing about my chronicles as a new mom, I found my new identity. As my personal articles began to generate a small following, I found the need [...]

Betamore: It’s a Lifestyle!

To The Good Life...Cheers! As I enter the last phase of Betamore's Front End Development Course, I find myself riddled with excitement and joy. The quantitative skill set I acquired while matriculating at this academy is truly unmatched. I recently attended a Super Meet-Up hosted by Technically Baltimore. As I mixed and mingled with members of the Baltimore tech scene, I realized [...]

Baltimore: The Emerging Digital Metropolis

Baltimore is quietly evolving into a "Mid-Atlantic" digital hub. In fact, Baltimore landed on CIO's "10 Cities with Fast Emerging Tech Hubs" list last year. The nation's rising tech industry is changing the employment landscape of this once "blue collar" town. Baltimore is historically known for being a culturally diverse melting pot.  It is truly an eclectic blend of distinctive dialects, ethnicities and lifestyles. [...]

How To Fight “Overdraft” Bank Fees!

Banks charge more fines and fees than the National Football League! By now, Christmas presents have been unwrapped, the holiday ham is almost gone, and there maybe a few candy canes dangling from the tree. The holiday season is slowly dwindling away and before you know it, Christmas bills will start rolling in. As those holiday bills slowly [...]