Who let the dogs out?

Cryptocurrency “let the dogs out” to play on the exchanges. Both digital assets ( shib and doge,) started out as De-Fi satires. However, these coins are a far cry from a laughing matter at this point.

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Now, these crypto-pups are making big waves in the crypto-verse. They are both listed on the world’s top crypto-exchanges and digital wallets.

Not only are the dogs out to play, they are actually leading the pack in terms of alt coins. Both shib and doge ranked in the top ten of alt coins throughout 2021.

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How do they differ?

Shib is an eth token. Doge is backed by ltc. Doge is older than shib in crypto-years. Shib will eventually incorporate NFT’s into its decentralized ecosystem.

How are they the same?

Both coins have a very abundant in supply. They both yield market caps in billions and trillions, respectively. Unlike there fellow noted predecessor, btc, they both lack scarcity.

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