Baltimore: The Emerging Digital Metropolis

Baltimore is quietly evolving into a “Mid-Atlantic” digital hub. In fact, Baltimore landed on CIO’s “10 Cities with Fast Emerging Tech Hubs” list last year. The nation’s rising tech industry is changing the employment landscape of this once “blue collar” town. Baltimore is historically known for being a culturally diverse melting pot.  It is truly an eclectic blend of distinctive dialects, ethnicities and lifestyles. However, “Charm City” is slowly blossoming into a technological oasis for start-ups and entrepreneurship.


Baltimore has began to take on a new identity as a “Tech Town.” Last year, several innovative startups established their foundation on Baltimore’s rising economic horizon. ZeroFox, Localist, BrainScope, and Fearless are among the many tech firms that have “taken root” in the city.  Baltimore already serves as headquarters to over 300 tech firms. In fact,  the federal government granted several thousand tech patents in the state of Maryland last year.  It’s fair to assume that many more tech patents are on the United States Patent and Trademark docket waiting to be approved.



In March 2017, the federal government awarded the state of Maryland an estimated $200 million dollars for the development of technological infrastructure. Local tech firms and working professionals would highly benefit from having access to a modernized fiber optic system. In fact, Xfinity Cable, is set to start offering 1 gigabit internet service to Baltimore residents this summer. The Baltimore tech community will definitely have a technological advantage by having access to exceptionally high-speed internet.


Baltimore is buzzing with Incubators, Accelerators and Co-working spaces.  In fact, the latest innovation site to “pop up” in Baltimore is sponsored by Johns Hopkins University and  housed in East Baltimore. Fast Forward 1812 joined the rankings of other  Baltimore incubators sites including Betamore, Impact Hub, Open Works and City Garage, just to name a few.  These spaces feature unique amenities to meet the demands of tech professionals.


As a student currently enrolled in Betamore’s Front-End Development Course, I can truly attest to the benefits of matriculating at this academy. The state-of-the-art campus located in the heart of federal hill, offers an open-concept learning environment that inspires critical thinking and creativity. The academic staff go above the “call of duty” to ensure students are fully prepared to meet the high demands of the tech world. The instructors of this academy are noted and knowledgeable tech-industry experts. Betamore has equipped me with a quantitative skill-set that will create a  professional pathway into the lucrative tech industry. By having direct access to cutting-edge technology, I can create unique and powerful website.

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