School Is In Session

By far, the year 2020 has felt like a “real-life” depiction of the hit Netflix series “Stranger Things.” Each day is filled with so much uncertainty. Mysteries continue to unfold as a lethal virus continues to upset the normal pattern of life. Even more so, navigating the challenges associated with a virtual school year has been very “strange.” Google classroom has become a staple in most education-centered households. The technology that gives power to Google Classroom is truly astounding. However, the virtual tool is still a far cry from the advantages of “in-person” learning. But, as they say in show business “the show must go on.” As a fellow pioneering virtual parent, I have developed a short list of tips to help you better navigate the world of distant learning.

Lights, Camera, Action

One of the biggest challenges I have personally encountered with Google Classroom is my daughter’s visibility. My daughter has a very rich melanated complexion. On bright sunny days you can almost see small shimmering particles when sunlight reflects off her beautiful brown skin. She truly is a magical sight to behold. So, when I noticed her teacher was failing to recognize her as she was actively participating by rising her hand, I became concerned. My daughter uses a chrome book in order to connect to her Google Classroom. The web-cam built into the device is sufficient but not the sharpest technology. Therefore, I decided to update the lighting in our home, specifically around her desk area. When she is connected to class we use ceiling lights, floor laps and a high resolution LED laptop lamp. The lamp actually has a built in USB cord so we just plug it into the laptop.

Arrive To Class Early

In order to get the most out of Google Classroom, get to class early. Henceforth, if class starts at 9am you should be inside the class by 8:45am. Why, you ask? Well, the the answer is quite simple. The teacher can only see the first nine students while she is presenting. So if you have a class size of fifteen students, nine children are (the first nine to enter the meet) visible at any given time. However, if the teacher switches from presenting then she can see the entire class but the students cannot see her presentation. In this scenario, we are assuming the teacher only has one monitor, i.e. her laptop. Now if the teacher has access to another monitor, than problem solved. She can present on one monitor and keep a close watch on her class with the second monitor.

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Use Natural Light

To get the most out of Google Classroom, make sure the back of your laptop is facing a window. Natural light increases visibility. Also, having your child sit with her back to a light colored wall helps with visibility. Never hesitate to bring the issue to the attention of the teacher.

I must admit, my heart would sink as I witnessed my little’s ones raised hand go unrecognized. I felt frustrated by the fact, the teacher was quicker to acknowledge fairer skinned children because they are easier to see on camera. I told the teacher straight up, I do not think your actions are racially motivated. In fact, I told her she was an amazing educator but she may have a problem with her visual acuity. Was I wrong? Of course not. Positive reinforcement is an integral part of education. It also helps to build confidence. So if my child is not being acknowledge than she is not learning. Watching my baby try so hard everyday really motivated me reach out to the school’s principle. After I made my concerns known to the principle, “stranger things” began to change. My daughter is acknowledged more often and excited about “computer school.”


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Dawning of The Dynasty: Neo Amazonian ERA

Top 5 Homeschooling APPS

Virtual Learning is in Full Swing!

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Some call it “distant learning”, others call it “virtual learning”, Munchkin (my tech baby, she is 4), caIls it “computer school” and I am old fashioned so I call it “homeschooling” (I am actually an 82 year old trapped in a thirty-something body, very old soul). I am also frustrated, isolated, confused, perplexed, discombobulated at times by this “new wave” of education. This “new” virtual learning world is uncharted territory for many of us. I know I am not the only one who shares the same feelings. However, I am BLESSED to have access to the following apps, equipment and devices that have made the whole “computer school” journey an achievable task for me and my Munchkin!

ABC MOUSE is in the House!

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Well, let me just let the cat out of the bag! is definitely downloaded on just about every device in our house, periodt. What’s so great about ABC mouse? Well sinced you asked, lets go head and break this app down. The app is essentially and early learning academy that offers reading, math, science, art and music resources for children aged 2-13. Munchkin loves it.

Everybody needs a break sometimes and mommy that means you, yes you. Being around your children 24/7 without the ability to move freely or frequent entertainment venues can be emotionally taxing. I personally have utilized this app when I need a quick “breather” from my motherly and educational duties. It’s okay to get a little assistance sometimes. So people don’t have much “built in” support (i.e. generational household.)

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This “e-commerce” behemoth is vital for surviving pandemic parenting. My daughter received a desk, chair and lamp from the site. Amazon has everything you need conveniently stored on one platform. It’s the perfect resource for home schooling decor.

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I looove love the morning brew e-newsletter. Each morning I look forward to opening my inbox to latest news topics and on-going trends. The morning brew is be best news “wrap up” that keeps me update in a fast paced world. Use the following link to subscribe to the brew. Trust me, you need in your life.


WordPress is my favorite platform for website hosting. I love expressing my creative abilities through the usage of costume made theme’s and an elaborate text editor. WordPress makes it super easy to incorporate HTLM 5, CSS and Java Script directly into the text.


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“It’s COBOL not COBALT!”

Well let’s get one thing straight; Cobalt is a color, one of my favorite shades of blue by the way.

However, COBOL is a binary computer language better known as COmmon Business Oriented language. Binary languages are coded in sequences of 0’s and 1’s.

Unlike our more modern computer languages that incorporate different elements (letters, $, #,etc) in a coding sequence. COBOL is a very traditional computer language, meaning it incorporates alot of syntax.

COBOL resurrected during the height of the 2020 covid 19 outbreak. People became ill and we forced out of the workplace. This rush of displaced workers overwhelmed local unemployment computer systems because the need to file claims skyrocketed.

Many municipalities were left scrambling trying to update antiquated systems that used COBOL as their primary programming language. COBOL is a very resourceful language but its outdated.

The spike in unemployment claims jammed up systems that ran on COBOL. Because of this, local governments were forced overhaul their systems during the height of the unemployment crisis causing huge payment delays.

Fall into a “Tech Conference”

“Tech Conferences” are spicing up Autumn 2019

Pumpkin spice lattes are brewing this season and so are innovations in technology. TechCrunch is an online platform that produces exclusive content related to multiple aspects of the world of technology. TC was created by Michael Arrington and Keith Teare back in June 2005. The digital superpower was brought by AOL in 2010 and sold to Verizon Media in 2017. As of date, TechCrunch Disrupt, a world renowned yearly conference that focuses on latest trends in technology, is set to take place in October 2019.

Disrupt 2019, will be held in San Francisco, although in previous years the conference has been held in: Berlin, Beijing and NYC. The conference attracts leading start-up entrepreneur, computer scientist, technologist, celebrities and more. Disrupt SF 2019 will feature unique one-of-a-kind experiences such as Start-Up Alley, a showcase of budding businesses and Start-Up Battlefield which is a pitch competition offers prize money and national publicity.