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Virtual Learning is in Full Swing!

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Some call it “distant learning”, others call it “virtual learning”, Munchkin (my tech baby, she is 4), caIls it “computer school” and I am old fashioned so I call it “homeschooling” (I am actually an 82 year old trapped in a thirty-something body, very old soul). I am also frustrated, isolated, confused, perplexed, discombobulated at times by this “new wave” of education. This “new” virtual learning world is uncharted territory for many of us. I know I am not the only one who shares the same feelings. However, I am BLESSED to have access to the following apps, equipment and devices that have made the whole “computer school” journey an achievable task for me and my Munchkin!

ABC MOUSE is in the House!

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Well, let me just let the cat out of the bag! is definitely downloaded on just about every device in our house, periodt. What’s so great about ABC mouse? Well sinced you asked, lets go head and break this app down. The app is essentially and early learning academy that offers reading, math, science, art and music resources for children aged 2-13. Munchkin loves it.

Everybody needs a break sometimes and mommy that means you, yes you. Being around your children 24/7 without the ability to move freely or frequent entertainment venues can be emotionally taxing. I personally have utilized this app when I need a quick “breather” from my motherly and educational duties. It’s okay to get a little assistance sometimes. So people don’t have much “built in” support (i.e. generational household.)

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This “e-commerce” behemoth is vital for surviving pandemic parenting. My daughter received a desk, chair and lamp from the site. Amazon has everything you need conveniently stored on one platform. It’s the perfect resource for home schooling decor.

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I looove love the morning brew e-newsletter. Each morning I look forward to opening my inbox to latest news topics and on-going trends. The morning brew is be best news “wrap up” that keeps me update in a fast paced world. Use the following link to subscribe to the brew. Trust me, you need in your life.


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