Tech Life Chose Me!

An Unconventional “Tech” Story…

My journey into the world of digital technology began 2 years ago when I created a blog for first time mother’s. As I began writing about my chronicles as a new mom, I found my new identity. As my personal articles began to generate a small following, I found the need to create a more attractive website. I wanted my users to have a more interactive experience.

As I attempted to update my site, I hit a road block when I accessed the structual algorythm of my site, I realized I needed a to learn a new skill. I needed to learn how to code. Becoming a computer programming was not in my immediate forecast, however I was ready to accept the challenge.

I began researching different tech based academic institutions in Maryland and before I knew it, I discovered BetamoreBetamore is a highly respected name in the Mid-Atlantic tech region. In May 2017, I enrolled in their 10-Week Front-End Development Course.

After attending the academy, I developed a new skill set that enable me to create unique features on my blog. My WordPress blog recently earned the attention of the 2017 PHP World Conference Organizing Committee. The committee granted me a full scholarship to the 2017 conference.

So far, “tech life” has opened many doors of opportunity. In fact, I feature highlights of my journey into tech on my blog, I also recently launched a digital technology start-up aim towards merging mother’s with technology. Ms. TechlennialMom, LLC offers Web Development services and “Mommy-n-Me” coding sessions.

I am excited about my future in the tech industry. I am happy to began a new career in a booming industry. For the past 8 years, I have been employed as a Social Insurance Specialist with the Social Security Administration. My experience with the federal government has been invaluable. The skills I have acquired will surely help me lay a solid foundation for my company.

Going tech has been the best decision I have made thus far. I am looking forward to a bright future. At times, I feel as though, I stumbled into “tech life.” I had no intentions of becoming an actual computer coder. However, it was time to learn a fresh skill set in order to improve my website.

The skills I acquired in coding school inspired me to launch a start-up company. During my matriculation at Betamore, I realized something: “tech is the new wave.” I am here to enjoy the ride. I am glad “tech life” chose me.

Sherri M. Pendleton


Baltimore: The Emerging Digital Metropolis

Baltimore is quietly evolving into a “Mid-Atlantic” digital hub. In fact, Baltimore landed on CIO’s “10 Cities with Fast Emerging Tech Hubs” list last year. The nation’s rising tech industry is changing the employment landscape of this once “blue collar” town. Baltimore is historically known for being a culturally diverse melting pot.  It is truly an eclectic blend of distinctive dialects, ethnicities and lifestyles. However, “Charm City” is slowly blossoming into a technological oasis for start-ups and entrepreneurship.


Baltimore has began to take on a new identity as a “Tech Town.” Last year, several innovative startups established their foundation on Baltimore’s rising economic horizon. ZeroFox, Localist, BrainScope, and Fearless are among the many tech firms that have “taken root” in the city.  Baltimore already serves as headquarters to over 300 tech firms. In fact,  the federal government granted several thousand tech patents in the state of Maryland last year.  It’s fair to assume that many more tech patents are on the United States Patent and Trademark docket waiting to be approved.



In March 2017, the federal government awarded the state of Maryland an estimated $200 million dollars for the development of technological infrastructure. Local tech firms and working professionals would highly benefit from having access to a modernized fiber optic system. In fact, Xfinity Cable, is set to start offering 1 gigabit internet service to Baltimore residents this summer. The Baltimore tech community will definitely have a technological advantage by having access to exceptionally high-speed internet.


Baltimore is buzzing with Incubators, Accelerators and Co-working spaces.  In fact, the latest innovation site to “pop up” in Baltimore is sponsored by Johns Hopkins University and  housed in East Baltimore. Fast Forward 1812 joined the rankings of other  Baltimore incubators sites including Betamore, Impact Hub, Open Works and City Garage, just to name a few.  These spaces feature unique amenities to meet the demands of tech professionals.


As a student currently enrolled in Betamore’s Front-End Development Course, I can truly attest to the benefits of matriculating at this academy. The state-of-the-art campus located in the heart of federal hill, offers an open-concept learning environment that inspires critical thinking and creativity. The academic staff go above the “call of duty” to ensure students are fully prepared to meet the high demands of the tech world. The instructors of this academy are noted and knowledgeable tech-industry experts. Betamore has equipped me with a quantitative skill-set that will create a  professional pathway into the lucrative tech industry. By having direct access to cutting-edge technology, I can create unique and powerful website.

© 2017 Sherri M. Pendleton















3 Ways moms can earn extra $$!!!!

3 Ways moms can earn extra $$!!!!!!

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Let’s face it Millennial Moms, having extra money is always a plus. Especially when raising children, one can expect “unexpected” financial problems. I make it a habit to save regularly. In order for me to save more money, I have developed new methods to earn income. Below, I have listed 3 ways I earn extra cash in my spare time! These “side hustles” are a stress-free way to earn extra dough. Most of all, these “side hustles” are legitimate and time conscientious.

Drive with Lyft

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Lyft is a ride share app that can be downloaded on any smart phone. The sign up requirements are as follows:  valid driver’s license, car insurance and a vehicle. You can earn money the same day you sign-up, certain exceptions may apply. Best of all, Lyft has an express pay feature that allows you to cash out every time you earn $50. That’s right ladies, cold hard cash is deposited straight into your checking account within minutes.  Even better, Lyft works in conjunction with your schedule. You actually set your own hours. Lyft also sends out detailed emails periodically to help maximize your earnings potential. After you give your first 50 rides within a specified time frame, you earn a bonus. I typically drive for Lyft on the weekends and during tourism season.  So, are you ready to Drive with Lyft? If so, use my referral code below:

Selling old clothes on Poshmark

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I love love loooooveee Poshmark. Poshmark is app that you can download onto your smartphone.  Sell all of outdated clothing, accessories and shoes within minutes. Best of all, this app organizes all of your merchandise into an online closet. How cool is that? Buyers are able to easily navigate your listings with a breeze. Each time a sale is completed, you pay a small commission to posh mark and pocket the rest.  Can somebody say chi-chang $.  If you are looking of trendy clothing to compliment your style visit the link to my closet below!

Install free app now!

Rent home on AirBnB

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I recently renovated my entire townhome in order to feature my property on Airbnb. This app can be downloaded on your smart phone as well. Airbnb is app that allows people to rent out rooms or their entire home. Once your listing is registered to the site, guest can browse your humble abode and pick dates to book.