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2022 will usher in a new fleet of electric transit vehicles on a global scale.

Despite a major semiconductor chip shortage, car manufacturers are still marketing electric vehicles.

If you thought the DeLorean time machine was a marvel to behold; then wait to you see what major car manufacturers have planned for this year.

2022 BMW i4 Gran Coupe

This year’s i4 Gran Coupe launch is sure not to disappoint. The all electric vehicle is apart of the fifth generation class of BMW advanced powered technology transit.

2022 Sony VISION-S 02

Sony, maker of PlayStation, unveiled VISION-S 02, one of its two fully electric vehicles, at CES 2022. The entertainment giant has officially entered the ev transit arena. No word, on availability of built-in PlayStation consoles in some models.

2022 Cadillac Lyriq

Cadillac, an American Automobile Staple, has gone electric as well. The “Lyriq” features a 300 mile per charge battery. Although, the Lyriq is a far cry from the Cadillac’s most popular model the Escalade, its still can hold its own.

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