Web3 and Me

If you are like me, you are wondering what the hell is web3?

More importantly, what does it have to do with me?

Well, just about everything. Web3 will eventually play a huge role in your life and my life.

The dawning of the new iteration of the internet is upon the billowing horizon.

Web3 will usher in more decentralized apps and blockchain networks, mass NFT and crypto adoption, fluid user experiences and tokenized stake shares for those seeking to capitalize on financial opportunities.

“Oh, how tangled the web we weave!”-WS


Web1 or “dial-up” internet as its better known; was the “dino-era” of the internet. It had its highs and lows. The early static pages that once ruled the “net” offered no user interaction.

It was a digital cagamerate of data arrays specifically designed for organizational and display purposes. User interaction functionality didnt exist. Essentially, it was just data sets on screens.

But, web1 did bring forth email compatibility. It was the early 90’s, what more can I say. If you wanted a more interactive experience, you would have to hop on “ole-ye- faithful” aka America On-Line. AOL was the mecca of the internet and the AOL chat rooms were definitely ‘poppin.’

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This early version of the internet was mainly powered by coding algorithms in CSS, HTML, C++ and a “lil-bit” of COBAL. Just naming a few “old-school” languages. Old, yet reliable.

A decade later comes along My Space, Facebook, and Twitter, the list goes on. Web2 (dot.com era) was the iteration of the internet that gave us social media platforms, service apps and e- commerce sites.

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Now, this is where Java script comes into play. Just think of web1 as a bare salad; lettuce (html), veggies (css), eggs (c++) and croutons (cobol). Web2 brings the salad dressing (Java script) to the mix.

By layering Java script on the foundation of the algorithm, a melody of blended languages forms what we experience when we interact with Facebook, Doordash, Uber or Amazon app.

Put Java on My Script!

Java script brings apps to life. Now, with this 3rd iteration internet, things will be a little different. Instead of adding more elements to our hypothetical salad. We are going to branch (i.e. “hard fork” which is github lingo) off from the salad bowl and attach a totally separate dish, a bowl of soup, per say.

Keep in mind that the salad and soup are connected, just imagine the salad and soup bowls being connected by a branch of networks. If one bowl moves the other bowl moves. They work together.

Soup and salad go together to form a great meal ( i.e. user experience). In other words, the pair complement each other. However, the soup will provide a more “fluid” experience. Think of programming languages such as python as “soup.”

Python/soup can create very unique user-experiences. If you ever had the luxury of playing “piggy,” a roblox game, with a rambunctious six year old; then you understand how the user becomes apart of the game (3D worlds.)

Its a very fluid experience. You literally have access to everything above you, below you and around you. Web3 is about completely emerging into virtual dimensions.

Keep in mind, web3 is still being developed, the finished product is still years away from deployment. No one really knows what web3 will look like because it’s still coming to together.

This, however is my theory, my thoughts on the subject matter. Writing about the things that perplex me or cause me to draw pause is very helpful.

Just to be clear, metaverse and web3 are being used interchangeably and this frightens me.

Facebook legally changed its name to Meta in 2021, which is weird because meta means death in hebrew. Not quite sure why Mark Zuckerberg rebranded his “tech mecca” under the mark of death.

But, hey- to each its own, right? Besides, Zuckerberg has a $h#t load of money and can essentially do whatever he wants. No shade Big Marko! So let’s hear what he has to say…..

Big Marko breaking it down!

Essentially, metaverse is an project that can exist on web3, its not the actual web3. Metaverse is an app that will exist on the vast decentralized blockchain network of web3.

I refuse to call web3, metaverse because its giving to much power to Big Marko. It’s true, he is the “big wig” of web2’s most powerful platforms, FB and IG, but tech giants like Big Marko and his respective counterparts ( i.e. Apple, TikTok, Microsoft, Google and Alphabet) are going to face challenges because the decentralized nature of web3 gives more power to users to create and build there own worlds.

Which allows for commoners like you and me to have an equitable share the big tech industry.

Hopefully, those reading have more clarity about web3. I can’t help to wonder if my theory about web3 is on par. Theoretically, web3 does not exist.

To my readers, what are your thoughts on web3? Am I missing anything?


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