Mobile Mining: iPhone vs. Android

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Are you team iPhone or team Android? This “age-old” question of the new millennium has sparked many debates amongst the masses. Ultimately, both devices offer users cutting edge technology, but team Android has one up on team iPhone.

Android devices function more like CPU’s (central processing units), they have ability to run sophisticated programs and application. As for iPhones, they are capable of handling simple systems, unlike a traditional CPU. Android phones are capable of running mining apps more efficiently. iPhones are capable of running cryptocurrency mining apps but if you want to yield better results, its best to use an Android device.

Electroneum (etn) offers mining through its app only on Android phones. In the future, the Electroneum app will be offered on Apple devices as well. However, those who have Android phones, might want to consider mining ETN on their devices. Electroneum is the only alt coin that offers direct mobile mining through their app. This alt coin definitely has a technological advantage over other coins.


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