Jammin’ with Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is the new “Jam”!

This past weekend, the Raspberry Pi, celebrated its 6th birthday in grand fashion. This popular 6 year old electronic device is introducing young children to different aspects of S.T.E.M through out the world. Pretty soon, classrooms around the globe will be jammin’ with Raspberry Pi. This simple central process unit (cpu) was specifically designed with children in mind.


Raspberry Pi “jam sessions” were held around the world in order to celebrate the creation of this very small form factor computer (or CPU) designed to minimize volume of  desktop computers. This compact CPU is gaining popularity for its frugal price tag ($35) and powerful scientific capability.


The device is very versatile in its ability to perform on multiple operating systems. The Raspberry Pi runs very successfully on linux-based operating systems such as: PiDura, Noobs, Raspbian and more.  The CPU is also capable of running on other common OSesoperating systems such as : OSMC,  OpenELECWindows IoT Core, and RISC OS.

I attended a “Jam Session” on the east coast this past weekend. The event was sponsored by Raspberry Pi and hosted by the Markers Generation in Washington, DC. I was able to interact with an actual Raspberry Pi. I was amazed with the presentation. I was thrilled to learn about the devices specifications.


The Raspberry Pi is very adaptive to external hardware and it’s fairly simple to set up and run. I was able to connect the device to an external key board and monitor. Once the unit was fully assembled, it ran perfectly.

The device highly resembles an Arduino board. Arduino boards are designed to execute one simple system at a time. These devices are mostly used as motherboards for automatic doors, weatherstation, simple robots, etc.  However, the Raspberry Pi is more powerful because it can run multiple systems at any given time. In fact, The Raspberry Pi is sophisticated enough to mine bitcoin. The Raspberry Pi does not produce enough horsepower to run a super fast bitcoin mining operation. However, the device can be used for encryption and blockchain purposes.

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