Tech + Travel Essentials for Kids: Summer 2021 Edition

Are you flying with Kids this summer?

As society embarks upon the “post pandemic-era,” many changes have taken place in the travel industry. The following products and tips helped me tremendously on my most recent “solo” traveled trip to Miami Beach with my two girls.


Fly Southwest: Despite the behavioral incidents that have taken place on Delta Airlines, Southwest is smooth sailing.  Compared to Delta passengers, Southwest passengers are saints except for that one wild women that knocked out the  flight attendant’s teeth. Oh my! My flight from BWI to MIA was peaceful. No one was T.K.O’d, thank God!  Most importantly, Southwest allowed me to push my #radioflyer stroller/wagon to the door of the plane.

We were the first family to board the plane despite another family’s rude attempt to cut in front of us during family boarding.  The female flight attendant on flight 1992 in route from MIA to BWI was so gracious and attentive to my little ones.  Nothing but smooth sailing in the friendly skys for this Mama bear and her cubs.  I was able to check my car seat at the front counter  “check-in” for no additional fee as well. Southwest airlines allows “lap children”  a complimentary car seat and stroller travel allowance.  Children age 2 and under are considered “lap children” and they travel for free with a paid adult ticket. Now that’s bang for your buck.  I preferred to catch the last flight of the evening on #southwest.  Those flights tend to have less passengers.  I felt comfortable on a 757 with only 44 people on board. The air marshall was a young black male, (sometimes they are older;) that sat behind my family and we felt safe. They typically sit within the first 6 rows of a domestic flight. But then again, what do I know? Just mere speculation.

Stroller and Car Seat: My radioflyer stroller/wagon made traveling with my family a breeze, both of my kids, ages 5 and 11 months fit perfectly. My Evenflo car seat could be handled with one hand. I checked the car seat at the airport check-in counter. I was able to push the radioflyer to the door of the plane.

Tech: The cinematography that gives life to my vlog entries is powered by the Zhiyun Smooth-Q (Black) 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer.  The Ion UV Sanitizer Wand helped my family stay safe and healthy during our southbeach vacation!

Family Destination: Southbeach is the perfect family weekend getaway. The warm golden sand and clear blue waters are the perfect remedy after months of isolation. The bright and vibrant colors  of the Art Deco era  architecture definitely insights beauty and fun!

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