City in Canada Launches Local Crypto!


Calgary Dollars Go Digital!


The city of Calgary has put a new spin on the old saying, “keep it local.” Calgary has just launched its very own digital asset,  the “Calgary Digital Dollar.” The potential economic impact of this system could revolutionize the financial industry in Canada. By adopting a form of digital currency that is locally sourced, the city of Calgary is well on its way to becoming a booming digital metropolis.


The Canadian Parliament feels this new form a currency will not replace the “Canadian Fiat Dollar.” In fact, Joe Ceci, Financial Minister of the Province of Alberta, released a mandate that requires any business that accepts Calgary Digital Dollar must also transact 10% of its sales in fiat currency.  Residents us a mobile app in order to manage the digital asset for goods and services. The app also has a built-in barter feature that users can access as well.

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