JPMorgan Chase “hooks up” with Crypto on Valentines Day!

OMG! JPM is “Boo’d UP!”

Well, love was definitely in the air on Feb 14, 2019, especially in the fintech world. JPMorgan, the North American financial titan, adopted its very own digital asset, JP Morgan Coin.

This mega move is a sharp contrast to statements that were released by JPMorgan’s CEO, Jaime Dimon, last year. He shot down the entire concept of cryptocurrency by publicly stating that bitcoin is a “fraud.”

However, this year JPMorgan Chase is singing a different tune by offering blockchain products exclusively to its clientele. That’s right folks, JPM coin is exclusive hunty, “it aint for everybody!” The digital asset will operate on
Quorum, a private blockchain system.

Unlike other blockchain platforms, the ledger system used to store the data will not be “open sourced” and restricted to a limited number of users. Unlike other digital assets, JPM is backed by one of the largest financial institutes in North America.

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