Litecoin to be adopted by Amazon! Oh my, I cherish the Day!

The big day is coming. Amazon will accept cryptocurrency for payment. I will cherish this day like Sade!

If you are one of “those people” who still thinks cryptocurrency is a myth, snap out of it! You are ‘set trippin’.

Cryptocurrency is more than mere speculation at this point. Many corporate entities and foreign centralized banks are eagerly seeking partnerships with different “coins.” People can no longer afford to ignore what is happening in “fintech.”

The central bank of Russia is exploring different crypto-investment options for interested investors. Alfabank and Sberbank are actively testing different cryptocurrencies.

Speculative talk of Amazon adopting Litecoin is definitely causing alot of buzz in the crypto-verse. A merger of this magnitude would suggest that cryptocurrency is more than a mere fairy tale. If the “e-Commerce behemoth” secures the deal with Litecoin, fiat currency will never be the same.

Litecoin definitely has the blockchain based technology needed to keep up with the pressing demands of Amazon’s retail rodeo. Litecoin is well-known in the crypto-industry for being secure, private and speedy.

To date, Litecoin has experienced minor security issues but the system as a whole has never been fully compromised by hackers. Privacy is a core feature of Litecoin. The blockchain technology that gives life to Litecoin, allows users to experience fast transactions speeds. Unlike other coins, “bottlenecking” is not a major issue for LTC.


Bottlenecking occurs when an overload of p2p transactions are trying to be verified on one particular blockchain system at one given time.  In Jan 2018 “bottlenecking,” was a major problem for BTC. After the Christmas season, BTC transcations were heavily delayed because of “bottlenecking.”

It’s projected that Amazon will accept Litecoin as a form of payment as earlier as Dec. 2018. However, some industry insiders are even suggesting that Amazon may conceptualize its very own coin. It’s fair to say at this point, cryptocurrency is more than just a financial trend, it is reality!

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