Tech + Sex: Knocking Boots With Bots!

SexBots powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) are making Big Waves

Well, somebody is rockin’ and knockin’ boots in the world of technology. If sex is one of your vices and you have a couple of grand to spare; then you could own Harmony!

Harmony AI, is android powered by artificial intelligence and manfuctured by Realbotix in San Diego, CA. The sexbot is fully equipped with highly receptive sensors that respond to human touch.

Harmony can converse with her owner in different languages. Harmony also comes with an app. The owner is able to manage her settings and other features from a tablet or computer.


Unlike the “Bots” of WestWorld, Harmony is not able to walk. However, Matt McMullen, the CEO of Realbotix, plans to plans to create a fully mobile model in the future.

SexBot vs. Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a global epidemic. African american women make up 40% of human trafficking industry (NewOne, 2018). In 2017, 10 african american and latina girls went missing within 2weeks in Washington, DC (youtube, 2018).

Some of the children were recovered, however, the majority are still missing. Hopefully, these cases will decrease as sexbots become more popular.

In London, entrepreneurs have started life-size sexdoll brothels in order to compete with illegal human brothels.

In fact, a sexdoll brothel in Gateshead, UK, has experienced a high influx of new clients. As you will see in the video below, sexbot brothels are taking the UK by storm (DailyMirror, 2018).

Some males have very primitive sexual desires, but not all men are sexually aggressive. Pedophiles and rapist are the type of males/scum that should use sexbots to in order to release those dark urges and impulses. (p.s. real men don’t rape!)

Instead of destroying the life of a victim of human trafficking, men with hyperactive sexuality can abuse a sexbot/sexdoll and not assume any guilt.

I want to be clear, I do not think a man is pervert for wanting to have sex with sexrobot/sexdoll. However, males that solicit victims of human trafficking are sick and they need to “bang bots.

SexBot vs. Objectification of Women

Many are concerned that SexBots will further promote the objectification of women. With so many negative stereotypes about women already in existence, its easy to debate if “Bots” like “Harmony” will do more harm than good.

Society as a collective hold must evolve from treating women as if they are only placeholders for the male apparatus. Women should have a sacred role in society because we are the pathway of life. Everyone comes from a woman (Tupac, 1994).

Sexbots vs. STD’s

Sexbots can help fight the battle against HIV and other sexual transmitted diseases. Unlike humans they do not carry harmful pathogens. However, if you plan to visit a sexbot brothel, you should carry condoms as well.

Artificial Intelligence vs. Humanity

Artificial intelligence is a big part of everyday life. Most “big box retail” stores, supermarkets and fast food restaurant’s offer self check-out options that are powered by artificial intelligence and robotics.

The use of robotics in vehicle manufacturing and electronic device production is a norm at this point. In fact, in it’s no secret that robots are actually rising. In the medical industry, autonomous robots powered by AI, are able to perform surgery on humans.

Robots that are powered by AI, have the ability to think abstractly and make informed decisions. These devices can access the internet independently as well. However, the link provided below will serve as a “cautionary warning” about the dangers of artificial intelligence.

(Pray Yall, lol , just keep praying!)

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